Holiday in Cheboksary: pros and cons

Have your own Mighty cottage with central communications and electricity somewhere out of town – the dream of many cheboksartsev. What are the pluses and minuses you expect, you will learn by reading this article. Let’s first take a nice, after all the positive aspects of living in a cottage much larger than the negative. Here is finally fulfilled your dream, and now you are surrounded by beautiful nature, no longer hear the noise as cars and trolley buses, you are surrounded by happiness, peace and quiet. Your family will no longer disturb the neighbors behind the wall because the wall is your land, a spacious upstairs loft and a cellar below with your own pickles and jams. Now you can easily put the car into the garage, do not leave it in the yard and fight for a place for a car or pay for parking. In the neighboring cottages are also good neighbors happy as you are. In winter, the yard, you can the whole family together to sculpt a snowman, snowball, in the summer lying in a hammock, enjoy the stars and moon, and in the afternoon, you can safely sunbathe and enjoy the sun. In a private home you are your own boss, no problem with pets, you can afford a dog, cat or more, because now you have a yard and a large living area. Barbecues, ski, garden furniture – no problem, your own garden – please. If desired, you can arrange your own court or swimming pool. What are the disadvantages of waiting for us when building or buying a cottage in Cheboksary. Keep your home it expensive. Imagine how much time should be spent on cleaning up the cottage, given that he is not a floor and a lot of space. To sit on the internet, you need to use the USB-modem, however, mobile operators can offer you Cheboksary today, unlimited number of different tariffs. Disadvantages include the time needed to spend on the road to the store, work, education and health. Be sure to have a car, without it, life is very hard. Nevertheless, summing up, we can say that it is worth to buy or build a cottage in spite of all the above disadvantages, it is worth. It is only by living in a cottage on the air, you feel so free and happy man.

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